Welcome to the newly founded Students Against University Censorship website. The Students Against University organization was founded by a couple of Indiana University students after the ban of the Napster website and use of the MP3 client program. Our goal is to provide a voice for the student, and to provide a line of communication between students and administration. Especially when it comes to the universities decision making process. Universities often overlook the student when making crucial decisions such as the ban of certain internet privileges. Higher education in America should be free of censorship and complete administrative control. The administration should work with the students and come to terms with issues instead of taking complete control of the student's information technology, and entertainment resources.

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4/20/00 - In response to the legal pressure from Metallica, Indiana University set up a firewall against Napster. Although SAUC does not fully agree with Metallica's lawsuit pending against the universities, we definitely see a cause for action against MP3 piracy. If putting the pressure on ISPs solves the problem temporarily, so be it. The major change is in Napster's court. Dr. Dre gave Napster until Friday to delist his songs, and if the company was smart it would do so, as well as delist all Metallica songs to boot.


4/19/00 - In a statement written to Eileen Richardson, CEO of Napster, rapper Dr. Dre has given Napster Inc. until Friday to delist songs from their servers. This will truely question the ability to do so, and if it is a technically feasable request from Dre, one has to ask why Napster hasn't worked on preventing pirated works to be traded through it's internet application in the first place. The question is; will each artist have to approach Napster in order to protect their copyrighted material, or will Napster take the initiative to do the moral and just thing in the first place and take down all copyrighted material themselves?

SAUC sees the need for a digial revolution, as well as change in copyright law to better conform with internet distribution as we know it, but change won't occur by individuals commiting piracy. Read this article to hear our views on how the digital revolution could excel with legitamicy and integrity if people would stop pirating works by the very record labels that they have issues with, and boycott them instead. Listen to independent music and lobby for change in copyright law if you think "music should be free", don't break the law. Case and point, music isn't free. If you like Dr. Dre then purchase his CD, otherwise don't bother pirating his work. Arists need to make a living too.


4/17/00 - Due to the recent turn of events, as well as Napster's hesitation to crack down on piracy and hold their users responsible, SAUC no will no longer support Napster as a company. We still see potential with the technology that Napster posseses, yet there are many things that Napster has to do as a company before we even consider changing our position. Since day one SAUC has been on a crusade against piracy, as well as a promotion of independent and local music. Initially we thought that Napster had the same goals in mind, yet now we realize that we have sadly been mistaken. Please read the open letter to Metallica and Napster for more information.


4/14/00 - In light of everything that happened on 4/13/00, it is time for some reflection to think about what really went on. Aside from the huge media attention and promotion attained, what did Metallica really accomplish? I definitely see Metallica's side of the story, probably more than anyone, yet I don't see how suing schools would solve internet piracy as a whole, yet at the same time, something needs to be done about Napster and it's about time I start expressing my disapproval for the way things are run at the company. Please read SAUC's open letter here.


4/13/00 - That's right folks; Metallica has decided that by suing higher education institutions and Napster itself, it will stop their user base/ fans from pirating their works. SAUC has the highest respect for any and all artists around the globe whose music is distributed upon the internet in any format, and we advocate the utmost responsibility when using file sharing programs like Napster. Case in point, the supposed fans are committing these acts of piracy and that needs to be stopped. If you are a student that uses Napster for illegal purposes, please stop and start listening to some good indie rock. Suing universities and the company itself will not put a dent in this battle. Education and awareness will, and we at SAUC are looking into this, as well as working around the clock to keep you up to date on the latest news. Chuck D, if you are out there, give us a buzz. You can read more about this story here at Sonicnet. Petition count: 21,066


4/10/00 - The controversial issue of Napster will resurface on the IU campus this week. Tuesday, the Union Board will sponsor a national forum entitled "Napster and the Future of Music on the Internet" at 7 p.m. in the Whittenberger Auditorium of the Indiana Memorial Union. Speakers include Mark Bruhn; information technology policy officer, Chad Paulson; SAUC founder, Sean Parker; co-founder of Napster.com, John Simson; entertainment attorney and senior director of membership of RIAA Digital Performance Rights Coalition, and Ric Dube; senior editor of Webnoize. Read this article to find out more about the forum, and try and make it out if you are in the area. Petition count: 19,387


4/8/00 - SAUC is proud to present the April artist of the month, Matthew Sturm. Visit the music section and read all about him, as well as download his MP3s. SAUC wants to promote the independent music scene, the very scene that embraces alternative methods of distribution, such as the MP3 format. So give Matt a listen, you'll be glad you did. Petition count: 18,803


4/8/00 - Yet another university, this one being Elizabethtown College, lifted it's ban on Napster in the event to try and educate students on how to properly and responsibly use their network resources, instead of ruling with an iron fist. As time for the Internet Draft Proposal, on behalf of Indiana University hits, time will tell how many more universities lift their bans in the next week or so.


4/8/00 - More and more universities are realizing that simply banning an internet resource doesn't teach the students anything. There are many more effective alternatives to be explored and it's good to see that Lake Forest College realized that when they decided to lift their ban on Napster.


4/8/00 - Things have been very busy in the last couple of weeks. We have recieved a surge of e-mail in the past two weeks, and it's a bit overwhelming. The main topic of conversation remains that students want to get involved, and we think that is great. Currently, SAUC is in the process of appointing student representation from each of the banned universities. There will be an application form on the site soon. Keep your eyes peeled.